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Book Review - The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss

Book Review:  The Name of the Wind , by Patrick Rothfuss     One of the things I look for is great world-building. Whatever the genre, it’s important, but none more so (nor more enjoyable) than in fantasy.   Patrick Rothfuss’  The Name of the Wind  delivers a comprehensive, fully-built world that seems believable and sufficiently tactile. The magic, as it’s revealed, shows a thoughtful balance of alchemy, willpower, resources and study, so that it resembles the ‘real world’ arc of discovery. While much of this world relies on a familiar, vaguely English 18 th  century backdrop, the fantastical elements of magic, beasts, and powerful figures are hugely enjoyable.   The story follows Kvothe, delivered mostly in first person, as a boy and as a teen, encountering indifference, friendship, love and power structures; some of the struggles are predictable, others delightfully surprising. Readers should be aware that, at 722 pages, this novel only gets his story partly told––and as much as I e