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Book Review - All The Light We Cannot See

Blog #1: Book Review of  All The Light We Cannot See  by Anthony Doerr   Dearest Reader, Welcome to my first book review. I just finished reading the 2014 novel   All The Light We Cannot See   by Anthony Doerr. Let me just say: this is an excellent book. The quality of the writing is what I appreciate the most about this novel. It's an impressionistic and compact style that occasionally stretches out in surprising ways. Drop a verb from the sentence––why not? The author gets away with this easily because there's a lot of intimacy and trust in the writing. Outright poetic, you could even say.  One of the main characters is a blind girl. When you think about it, it must’ve been very difficult for the author to render her perspective, because none of her experience is visual. But Doerr skillfully gets you into her head using various techniques, such as internal dialogue, touch, sound, taste, memory, etc. A sample: p. 384 (hardback): "The very thought of her lips against water